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Difference between CBD Isolate and CBD Full Spectrum

Difference between CBD Isolate and CBD Full Spectrum
09/04/2018 cbdexperia
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We are often asked about prices and different forms of CBD, many don’t even know that there are different forms of CBD. We will explain them here and explain how they effect the price, the market and your brand.

There are many different types of CBD extracts however we will only be talking about CBD Isolates and CBD Full Spectrum extracts.

CBD Isolate:

A isolate is otherwise known as a crystal, also comes in the form of powder, it is white to the visual appearance. CBD Isolate is CBD with a purity rating of up to 99%, it is essentially pure CBD. Being pure CBD however does not make it more effective as other CBD types, and it does not make it a better product either. It is much cheaper than other forms of CBD extracts but is scientifically proven to offer far less medical or therapeutic effects over a full spectrum CBD. We will explain why further down. CBD isolates are good as a food supplement but not that great for medical or therapeutic purposes.


CBD Full Spectrum:

CBD Full spectrum can be made by many methods, some are better than others. They can be made from cold pressed extraction, CO2 extraction, Ethanol extraction or distillation. We will mainly use distillation CBD however we may use CO2 CBD depending on the product that we intend on manufacturing. Full Spectrum CBD is CBD along with all the other cannabinoids and terpenes. All the cannabinoids and terpenes offer a more therapeutic and medicinal effect. CBD Full spectrum is a more expensive CBD extract but is a far more superior product. Full Spectrum CBD is great for medical, therapeutic and food supplement purposes.


Why is full spectrum better for medical and therapeutic effects?

CBD is known for its ability to sooth physical and mental ailments of many varieties, however these medical ailments simply cant be effectively treated with CBD alone as the CBD needs other cannabinoids and some properties from the terpenes to function effectively. We need the other cannabinoids and terpenes found in hemp and full spectrum CBD to provide a faster and long lasting effect, it is known as the synergy effect and full spectrum CBD has been scientifically shown to offer better medicinal results. It has been shown in science that a user using CBD Isolate based products needs to take at least 3 times more than a full spectrum CBD product to obtain the same result, therefore the addition of other cannabinoids and terpenes from the hemp plant assist the CBD to act faster and longer. It has been shown that a customer who uses a product made from CBD Isolate who has tried a Full Spectrum CBD Product will switch the isolate for the full spectrum.


How does it effect costs and the market?

Lets be honest, the majority of consumers purchases CBD not as a food supplement but to sooth and aid medical related ailments. Although most venders will sell CBD as a food supplement to avoid the costs of registering the CBD product as a drug or medicine. CBD Isolate products are cheaper to manufacture and cheaper to sell, therefore the market will be saturated with unsuperior products at a low cost price, Full Spectrum products cost more to manufacture and are sold at a higher price but does offer the consumer a product that will actually work for what they purchase it for. The consumer is more likely to come back for a second order purchase if the vendor sells a full spectrum product.

Most brands that produce CBD products from CBD isolates are typically motivated by maximum profits, however maximum profits on a one time sale is nowhere near as profitable as a loyal stream of returning customers on a lower profit item.

The truth is, a Full Spectrum product cant compete with the price of a CBD Isolate based product, as CBD Isolate is much cheaper than Full Spectrum CBD, however the majority of CBD Consumers are looking for the medical benefits of CBD and will therefore not return for a second purchase of the isolate based vendors.

If you are looking to startup a successful business, that will provide many years of high profit and success then you should go for a full spectrum based product. Those brands selling CBD at a really low price will disappear pretty fast and you should not consume or worry yourself with market prices. A rule of thumb, If its cheap its not full spectrum despite what the vendor or brands states.

New laws will be issued in the UK soon regarding CBD products, after this law comes in place you will notice many products being taken of the market, go for a full spectrum product and you can assure success on the market for years to come.




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