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PLEASE NOTE: Our phone lines are always consistently busy, many callers find this very frustrating, we are looking at improving this situation. We do have live chat which is instant and no waiting, as any staff member can pick up the live chat.

About Us & Services we offer


Hello, We are UltraUK Group.
Established 2013 – Preston UK.

Proud to bring you high range CBD products via our registered brand CBDexperia


Our mission is to ensure the market has high quality CBD products available. The CBD Market is currently saturated with low quality synthetic or isolated CBD products that are nowhere near as affective as a full spectrum of cannabinoids and terpenes.
We will only produce full spectrum high quality CBD products to ensure our mission is successful.



CBDexperia Wholesale

You can resell our CBDexperia branded products and make up-to 100% profit per item. Our brand is a well recognised brand and trusted throughout the world. Start making money fast via the CBDexperia product range.


CBD Manufacturing UK

Fancy your own branding on your own products? No problem, we offer a full CBD Manufacturing service. We are 100% flexible and willing to customise the ingredients, bottles, tubs and label designs to suit your brand.


Product Design

we are equipped with our own in house designers to help design your products for you if needed, ready to talk to you about bottle styles and label graphic designs.  The style of container and label is limitless.


Web Development

Its hard to find a web development company that is understanding to the CBD market, we have our own in house web development team that can develop a stunning website that is fully SEO and e-commerce ready. staring at £1999.


Web Hosting

Struggling to find a web host that wont shut your website down? Most hosting company are American based, since the DEA effectively outlawed CBD in the USA many have found there websites being suspended. We have our own web-servers from £3.99 per month


Payment Processing

There are only a few payment gateways that will accept CBD products, not being able to accept payment or only offering bank transfer can be catastrophic for your business. We have done all the hard work for you and can have payments set up in no time.


CBDexperia, Specialists in the CBD UK and European market. A brand that is honest, open and trustworthy.

“We only manufacture CBD Products from high quality, organic and pure ingredients. We do not wish to entertain lower quality isolate based products.

We are 100% UK based and ready to process your order”

Andrew James
CBDexperia Founder

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